Liquid Filling Machine Manufacturer.

Tablet Counting Machine Manufacturer.

Capping Machine Manufacturer.

Labelling  Machine Supplier.

Manufacturer from the UK a leading packaging machine manufacturer in the design and supply of packaging machinery and equipment.

KBW Packaging Ltd has a dedicated, experienced sales and support network. A specialists in the supply of high quality packaging machines. Such as a liquid filling machine or a tablet counting machine, capping and labelling machinery. Our clients range from new companies to famous named brands in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, toiletry and cosmetic markets. Where we have provided as a manufacturer packaging machinery solutions, worldwide, specifically tailored to our customers’ needs.

Our equipment range covers small semi-automatic bench / table top machines. Such as the AF0010 liquid filling machine, AK0002 screw capper. Or AC1000 tablet counter for young expanding businesses and companies with small to medium production output. The range extends to fully integrated production lines such as the AF0040 liquid filling machine. In addition the  AK0060 bottle capping Machine. Finally the  Basic 100 labelling machine for larger corporations with higher output requirements.

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Every day we receive inquiries about our packaging machinery. Consequently what ever your packaging equipment needs are:  a semi or fully automatic liquid filling machine, tablet counting machine, capping machine or finally labelling equipment. call us to discuss your requirements on telephone number +44 (0) 1252 3222 20 or email to request a quotation. We are happy to help and look forward to talking to you.

Labelling Machine

Labelling Machine

Our labelling machines are suitable for many labelling applications, such as: cylindrical, conical, rectangular, oval, irregular and unstable. Also for special labelling promotions for security, sleeving and recyclable labels for industries such as food and wine.

capping machine

Capping Machine

Our bottle capping machine is suitable to fit Screw, ROPP, Press or Trigger caps, we can offer either small hand-held or bench top cappers, to rotary, indexing or in line, capping machines, designed for your specific capping requirement.

liquid filling machine

Liquid Filling Machine

Our bottle filling machine such as a liquid filling machine is suitable for many different products: spirits, perfumes, bath oils, hand wash, shampoo, conditioners, liquid soap, shower gels, jams, honey, mayonnaise, cleaning agents, solvents, nail polish and mascara.

tablet counting machine

Tablet Counting Machine

Our Pill or tablet counter machine is able to accurately dispense both coated and uncoated pills, capsules including soft gelatine capsules and are aimed at pharmacies, the cosmetic or veterinary industry; or nutrition, healthcare and confectionery industries; contract packers; druggists and nutraceutical companies.

Products used on our liquid filling machine, capping machine, tablet counter machine or our labelling machine.

Hair shampoo, hair conditioner, hair colourants, hand wash, liquid soap, shower gel, bath oils, body scrub, body lotion, body oils, face creams, face washes, skin moisturisers, skin toners, skin creams, mouth washes, colognes, perfumes, cosmetics, sun creams, sun lotion, sun oils, baby shampoo, baby oil, baby cream, baby lotion, nail polish, lip glosses, mascara.

Wine, spirits, fruit juice, water, sauces, preserves, jam, cheeses, mayonnaise, ketchups, cooking oils, vinegar, honey, sweets

Disinfectant, washing detergents, washing up liquid, dishwasher rinse aid, fabric conditioner, glass cleaner, bathroom sprays, kitchen sprays, bath cleaner, floor cleaner, floor polish

Tablets, capsules, caplets, dragees, vitamin supplements, cough syrups, eye wash lotions and antiseptic liquids, veterinary products, pet shampoo, multi vitamins, sports nutrition

Agricultural chemicals, car polish, car care, paint, solvents


Hospitals, Pharmacies, Druggist, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Health Stores, Veterinary, Confectioners, Cosmetic, Beverage, Food, Contract Packers