AF 0010 Technoflow Liquid Filling Machine

Firstly the AF 0010 is a small and portable liquid filling machine for liquids and creams with a single nozzle. Also it comes with a choice of gear pumps 1.5L 6L or 10L dependent on fill size. As well as the filler can be operated as a continuous fill, single fill or on a timed fill and has the ability of two stage filling. Primarily used in the cosmetic and toiletries markets by companies with small scale production runs. It has been used for other applications so please ask about yours. The product to be filled is drawn up a hose by the gear pump or as an option placed in a hopper. You can set the amount to be filled on a digital counter and the number of batches to be run on a digital display.

  • Electronically controlled dose and pump speed adjustment
  • Repeat filling accuracy of +/- 0.5%
  • Complete nozzle range to suit all filling medias
  • Simple operation with fast product change over
  • Tool free removable product contact parts
  • Fill volume adjustment without the need to stop the machine
  • Diaphragm pump option to suit hygienic applications

Filling machines for all types of bottle filling machine applications:

  • Firstly vacuum filling machinery
  • Also piston filling machines
  • As well as gear pump filling machines
  • Finally lobe pump filling machines
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AF0010 liquid filling machine


for our bottle filling machines of liquid, cream and food

If you are unsure of the filling machine, but know the output that you would like your liquid filling machine to achieve, this chart gives estimated outputs to help you get an idea of the liquid filling machine that fits your requirements.

The output will vary depending on the fill size, viscosity of the liquid and the type of container.

So please contact a member of our KBW team for project specific advice on the best filling machine for you.



20 BPM AF 0010 AF 0005 VAC D SERIES
35 BPM AF 0020
60 BPM AF 0040
90 BPM AF 0080-6 AF 0080 VAC
110 BPM AF 0080-8
150 BPM AF 0120

** Based on a 100ml fill of free flowing liquid